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Syd Vanderpool onwer of SydFIT Platinum Elmira

Syd Vanderpool - OWNER

Syd brings his love of sport and high-performance toSydFIT, as a successful business owner, mentor and Elite Coach, where he shares his passion with athletes, and inspires the centre’s community of members to work towards their goals of greatness. Syd established the SydFIT Centre in 2007, and has grown the business globally to include personal training, fitness boxing, youth boxing programs, and a successful amateur competitive program, in which Syd’s Team Destiny won 4 consecutive years, and 6 total Ontario Boxing Association Golden Gloves tournaments.

As a coach, Syd has also started the careers of several pro boxers, most notably working with Natasha “The Nightmare” Spence, and “Dangerous” Denton Daley who won the NABA and NABF Cruiserweight titles which ranked him as high as #2 in the world. He coaches elite level amateur boxer’s such as 2 time Olympian Mandy Bujold. Syd continually works to give back to the community that supported him through his career with fundraising efforts that support the local community, food banks, charities and youth programs. Syd was inducted into the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame in 2020 and currently sits on the board of Boxing Ontario.

OUR coaches

Chai coach at SydFIT Platinum Elmira



With over 15 years of experience in the client service industry combined with her love for the SydFIT community, becoming the General Manager for the SydFIT Platinum Studios was a natural transition.

Chai is instrumental in designing a tailored experience for each guest along with inspiring a mindful, inclusive, and empowering environment.

Chai started as a member with SydFIT 13 years ago and has never looked back. Throughout the years, her involvement with the SydFIT community grew which led her to become the Events Manager and also start a dance fitness program, ChaiFIT. A lifestyle prioritizing health and wellness has always been important to Chai, as she started dancing at the age of 3 and is now a trained dancer in various styles and a certified Ashtanga yoga and meditation guru.

Outside of her professional career, she’s passionate about boxing, cooking, baking, and creating opportunities for adventure!

Braden coach at SydFIT Platinum Elmira



Braden is a strength and conditioning specialist who is passionate about sport, sport performance, and human movement. He has coached strength and conditioning and sport for hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, rugby, and powerlifting athletes.

He has worked with athletes from primary school, up to university and professional levels, nationally and internationally competitive powerlifters, as well as middle aged and senior fitness enthusiasts. He loves the problem-solving aspect of tailoring training to the individual needs of the athlete, optimizing performance for sport, helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals, and forming meaningful connections with clients.

Growing up Braden played a variety of sports including hockey, ball hockey, horseback riding, golf, lacrosse, rugby, and football. He continued to play football at the University of Waterloo, and competed in power lifting while he completed his Bachelor of Science in kinesiology. While in school he also enjoyed playing intramural flag football, ultimate frisbee, basketball and volleyball. He continues to look for opportunities to be involved in sport as a coach and athlete and is excited to explore boxing as the next athletic outlet.

When he is not coaching, Braden spends time with his Fiancée and four-month-old daughter. When he isn’t parenting, Braden likes to stay active through strength, speed, and plyometric training activities, playing golf, shooting a basketball, or tossing a football or rugby ball with friends. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, canoe portage and backwoods camping. He continues to learn how to better serve his clients through reading relevant research and books written by experts in the field and co-hosts a podcast where they discuss topics relating to coaching and strength and conditioning. He also likes to explore creative outlets such as reading and writing fiction, drawing, painting, as well as playing computer games, video games, and boardgames.

David coach at SydFIT Platinum Elmira



David came to fitness after a lifetime of poor eating habits and choices heavily favouring a sedentary lifestyle. He draws strength from it and uses it as a teachable moment for his clients. After many years of unhealthy living, David made the decision to change.

He changed the way he approached food, the way he moved, the way he thought about health and what being healthy means. From this he began a journey that would take him into the fields of nutrition coaching, hypertrophy, boxing and body recomposition.

Three years ago he discovered the SydFIT Centre and a passion for boxing. David’s love of boxing would eventually lead to a position as a boxing coach and personal trainer with the SydFIT team, a decision he has never regretted, and he is also a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. His continued desire to work with people through their personal transformations has led David to recently make a life shift to work full time in the health and fitness field. He takes clients with the will to change and guides them through their own journey to help them achieve their goals.

When not helping clients with transforming their bodies he is a published author, currently finishing up his fourth novel in his four novel series.


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