Choosing Your Optimal Lifestyle

You Hold the Power to Choose Your Dream Lifestyle

Every second of every day is a choice. In fact, it’s estimated that we make about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions that shape our life each and every day. I’m sure when you reflect upon yesterday, it doesn’t feel like you have made 35,000 decisions. This is because the vast majority of those decisions are habitual and are what shape our lifestyle. 

If you’ve been following along in this month’s blogs, you know that we have been talking about how to transition from a goal to a habit to a lifestyle. We have gone over the purpose of short-term goals to spark habit-change; the benefits of creating habits that align with our ideal lifestyle; and, daily tips on how to transition from a goal-focused life to a healthy-habit based life. 

Every Day is a Choice

Now that you have been given the tools to help you progress from your goal to creating an optimal lifestyle through new habits, it’s time to actively choose those new habits every day. Each day that you make the conscious choice to eat what will energize you, sleep the amount that your body requires to function optimally, and get active, you take one step closer toward living that optimal lifestyle you desire. 

Long time SydFIT member, Angelique Mohring, used to live the life most do in their 20’s and 30’s – balance everything (work, family, exercising, and social life), move at a mile a minute, and take the ‘sleep when you are dead’ approach. As CEO of a global AI company, she still has that go-getter attitude, she has realized and accepted that every decision she makes is either going to help her or hurt her. “Most of my friends know that I’m still driven today – but my goals are different. I’ve come to realize that every choice I make adds up – good or bad.”

The big change in Angelique’s mindset was when she started approaching all the realms of her life, the same way she did training. “Over the years, I started realizing that just like accumulating miles to increase endurance when running – everything you do to increase the longevity of your body, mind, and energy is also cumulative. We are either putting energy into our tanks or taking it out.” 

Through her time at SydFIT, Angelique has managed to surround herself, and her family, with a team of excellent coaches and support staff. This has allowed her to live her best life and look forward to going to the gym to workout. She credits SydFIT, and her coach Syd, for helping her pursue her optimal lifestyle: vibrant longevity. 

Every day Angelique takes the approach that each of her choices will either push her towards or pull her away from a life of vibrant longevity.  “I’m far from perfect and I will always have much to learn – but I have learned that the choices I take today to fill my tank will still be benefiting me 50 years from now.”

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