Discovering Your Best Self Through the Power of Persistance

The Power of Persistence on Your Health and Wellness Journey

One of the most powerful qualities a person can possess is the ability to be persistent. It’s a skill we have to train ourselves to develop and continually work on honing – once that ability is developed, the person then becomes unstoppable. 

Persistence is continuing to work towards a goal in spite of the difficulties and obstacles that may come up along the way. While it would be nice to believe that everything will fall into place while you are working towards a goal, that isn’t reality. This is where the follow-through and effective communication with your team becomes imperative. You can have the ability to be relentlessly persistent, but at some point something is going to come up and it will stop you in your tracks – the greatest benefit to having a team around you is that they will be there for you to lean on for support.

Imagine, you have taken your personal inventory, set a SMART goal, and built the perfect team around you. You are well on your way to becoming YOUR BEST U 2.0. But, all of a sudden, a wheel falls off, you falter, and you start to question why you are doing this. At this point, you have two (2) options: you can quit or you can push through. 

Navigating the Difficulties of the Follow-Through

During the difficult times, it can become more challenging to remember why you started on your journey – this is where having a tight knit team comes into play. You are not going to feel 100% motivated and inspired every day – that’s just a fact of life. But, your team is there to help you through those days and help you stay on course. 

At this point, you will find that more than ever effective communication and trust will come into play. You need to make sure you have built a team that you feel comfortable with so that on the hard days you can tell your team and they will be there to support you in whatever ways they can. This helps build trust and allows you to remain persistent as you pursue YOUR BEST U 2.0.

Current SydFIT member, Robin Lindner, says the benefit to having her whole team (personal trainer, osteopath, and massage therapist) in one place is that it holds her accountable on her journey towards her health and wellness goals. It also makes the communication between team members easier which has helped build the trust within her health and wellness team. 

Robin also advocates for assigning a point person within the health and wellness team. For her, it’s Syd Vanderpool. He helps the flow of communication within the team and is the one ensuring that all the moving pieces and team members are working cohesively towards Robin’s health and wellness goals. She says that the main benefit to having a point person that she trusts is that on the hard days he helps her persevere and continue on her journey – Syd also helps Robin get back on track if she falters a little, and reminds her of her goals and the importance of them. 

After all, teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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