Steps to Taking a Personal Inventory

The Steps to Taking a Personal Inventory

In order to accomplish anything in life, you need to set a specific goal. This goal needs to align with your inner wants and desires, and be something you are passionate about. The first step is to take a personal inventory so that you can understand who you are and map out who you want to become.

A personal inventory isn’t just for beginners either. UFC superstar Connor McGregor launched his comeback this past January by first running a self-assessment and then putting in place what he needed to be successful. He recognized the value in the process, and how it would later relate to the steps he needed to take to reach his goals.  See how it worked for him, and find your inspiration for your inventory here.

Taking a self-inventory reminds us what we are good at, steers our focus towards the more important facts of life, and leads us to being our best selves. There are three (3) simple steps you need to take to successfully build your self-inventory; each step should take approximately 10 minutes. 


Write a List of the Things You are Knowledgeable About or Good At

While this step can sometimes be quite challenging, it is the most critical piece in the process. By building this list, you become aware of what you are good at and remind yourself of all the skills and amazing qualities you possess. This list can include small things like “good with animals”, “coffee”, or “I make my bed everyday”. The importance here is that it gets the process flowing.


Write a List of the Things You Want to be Knowledgeable About or Good At

Next, you want to write down the things you want to know more about or get better at. You could include things like “develop a better back squat” or “learn more about nutrition”. This list doesn’t have to involve a step-by-step plan of how you will accomplish these goals.


Write a List of the Things You Love and Are Passionate About

The last step in this process is to write down what you love. These can be things that you love about life, things you love to do, or places you love to go. This step will help you to align yourself in the direction that allows growth. You could, for example, include “I love my grandchildren” or “I love to cook”. 

Bonus Step

Piecing it All Together

Now that you have your three lists done you can begin to piece them all together and create a goal.  The key here is to make sure it aligns with the list you made in Step 3 because when the path towards your goal gets difficult, it is important to reflect on the list of what you are passionate about. 

This process of self-analyzing should be something that you do at regular intervals throughout the year in order to steer the course towards Your Best U 2.0.

Remember that you are not alone on your journey towards your best self and accomplishing your goals. Once your personal inventory is complete, you will begin to build the team that will help you stay accountable to your success story.

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