Transitioning Into Healthy Habits 1% At A Time

Tips to Smoothly Transition from a Goal to a Lifestyle

You are inspired, focused, and ready to start eating healthier, exercising regularly, and sleeping enough – all for the sake of accomplishing a goal you have in the forefront of your mind.

Flash forward 5 months from now and you are deep in your journey. You have a team around you who supports your goals, you have increased strength, decreased body fat, and have energy like you are half your age. While you are feeling great at this point, there is some anxiety that is beginning to creep in. You begin to question whether you can maintain these new habits for the rest of your life; you wonder if you will revert back to your old habits and lose all the gains you have made over this process; and, you start to go down the rabbit hole of self-doubt.

Stop. Take a step back. Breathe. Remember, it is perfectly normal to have some doubt along your journey. But also, at this stage, it is important to remind yourself that you have built a team who cares about your well-being and overall health, and is there to assist you in transitioning from your goal-focused current state of mind to a sustainable lifestyle filled with healthy habits. There are also some daily and weekly steps you can take to help transition from this goal-state to a lifestyle. 

Daily and Weekly Habits to Help Your Transition

Set small goals each day. Every night before you go to sleep, write down one or two things you are going to accomplish the next day. It could be to drink 2L of water and eat protein at every meal. Keep the daily goals small and manageable as that is the simplest way to find success. Here author and self-improvement guru James Clear talks about how aiming to be 1% better each day is the key to long-term, manageable, healthy habits and success. 

Plan a weekly self-check in and make sure you stick with it. Oftentimes, we get so hung-up on all the things happening around us and put other people’s wants and needs before our own. By setting aside 30 minutes each week to check-in with yourself and focus on how you are feeling and what your wants and needs are, you will become more self-aware and find it easier to manage the day-to-day stresses that could disrupt your healthy lifestyle.

Journaling is a simple way to check-in with yourself. If you aren’t into writing in a journal, take notes on your phone or record voice notes. This is an easy way to not only express how you are feeling and let some stress out, but it is a great way to track how you feel and how those feelings are impacting your lifestyle. 

Make adjustments as needed. Life is not as rigid as we sometimes make it out to be. If something you are doing isn’t working or doesn’t feel optimal for you, change it. Nothing is set in stone. Consult with your team on how to make changes in your health and well-being plan that will better suit your life. After all, as humans, we won’t stick to something long term if it isn’t enjoyable. 

By following the above daily and weekly habits, the transition from your goal to a sustainable lifestyle will be far more achievable and have more meaning. At SydFIT we have a team of professionals to help you not only reach your goals, but also build healthy habits that are sustainable for any type of lifestyle. Contact us today to hear about our in-person and online training and nutrition programs, and set up your consultation today!

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