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How to make your at home workouts effective during 2021

This past year has been unlike any other; we can collectively say we have spent more time at home than anywhere else – including the gym. But just because you haven’t been physically in the gym that doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to change.

Until recently, the majority of people would go to the gym to get their workout in, as opposed to doing it from home. The reasons for this vary, but mostly it has to do with the extra bit of motivation that the gym environment adds and the discipline of either taking group classes or working with a personal trainer brings. However, given the current state of the world, going to a gym isn’t always possible; so what if you could bring the gym environment into your house?

The team at SydFIT has gone above and beyond to craft an online fitness portal where you can track everything – workouts, sleep, food and water intake – and share it with your trainer. We have also made it our mission to bring those fun, energetic, group classes right into your living room with our live online classes

Some Benefits of Online At-Home Fitness Training

A key part of your health and wellness strategy should be to exercise or get moving every day. Not only does it help curve stress but it will also add some fun into your daily life.  With the technological resources we have available to us today, we don’t have to wait for a gym to be open.  It’s never been easier to open an app and get our bodies moving.

If you are taking your health and fitness seriously – which we all should be – then it is likely you have a set routine you do at home already. One of the main benefits to enlisting the help of an online coach is that they can assist you in optimizing that program you are already working from – after all, that is what they are trained to do. If you don’t already have a program, and you are looking for support, an online trainer can create a training plan that will help you crush your goals, keep you accountable and help keep you injury free. 

Our online personal trainer’s and nutrition coaches are available to help you with your nutrition goals. At SydFIT, we have a team of professionals that are ready to assess your nutrition needs and design a program that will compliment your workout to help you reach your goals, while ensuring you are adequately nourished. 

Another great benefit to online training is that you can do it from anywhere in the world! So that SydFIT trainer that you love can travel with you no matter if you end up relocating to another city or country.   All of our trainers work with you not only by setting up your progressive program, but also with video calls and messaging, on a schedule that works for both of you!

Live online group training has taken a massive step up from those typical pre-recorded at-home workout videos that were so popular way back when – can you say Richard Simmons and Billy Blanks?  Don’t forget about Jane Fonda!! And while yes, those were great back in the day, they don’t quite resonate with everyone, and they lack the chance to build rapport and community with your trainer and other people in a group setting. That is why SydFIT’s online group fitness and boxing classes are so popular. You get a great workout in, learn proper boxing technique, get live feedback from a trainer, and get to ask any questions you may have, and see familiar faces from class to class; it’s as close to the in-gym experience as you can get. 

In this month’s blogs we are going in-depth on the advantages to online personal training including 1-on-1, small group fitness, and large group fitness classes. Contact SydFIT today to get started on your at-home fitness journey and mention this blog to get a FREE program assessment. (what is the benefit)

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